Westeel Silos

No company has more experience manufacturing grain storage systems for both commercial and on-farm application than Westeel. Westeel helped pioneer steel-sided grain storage back in the 1920s and today, as one of North America’s largest producers of grain silos. Westeel continues to lead the industry in innovation, quality and product selection. All products are manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 9001, and employ the latest in computerized design and production technology throughout the manufacturing process. The result is products of superior quality and long-term value – products that represent the finest in commercial and on-farm grain storage available.

Australian Standard Silo Models

We carry these models in stock, other models available on request
Westeel Grain Silo

Capacity - 842 tonnes
Diameter - 10.91 meters
Height - 13.8 meters

AGI Westeel 1100 Ton Silo

Capacity - 1162 tonnes
Diameter - 12.73 meters
Height - 13.61 meters

AGI Westeel Grain Silo 1500 Ton

Capacity - 1538 tonnes
Diameter - 14.55 meters
Height - 14.13 meters

Westseet Grain Silo 2000 Ton

Capacity - 1972 tonnes
Diameter - 16.37 meters
Height - 14.55

Westeel Grain Silos Australia
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